Friday, May 15, 2015

The Cure: Early BBC Sessions 1979-1985 (2011)

This double LP set was released in several colour configurations: grey and teal marble, grey and orange marble, purple marble, olive and blue or teal marble, and black. My copy is grey and what I would call red marble. This is an unofficial release, otherwise known as a bootleg. One always has high hopes that the sound quality will be outstanding on bootlegs, only to be disappointed. The exceptions are radio broadcasts, but some of those have been buggered by the bootleggers. I would describe the sound on this record as good, but not great. in other words, I was disappointed. Also, as usual for bootlegs, there are mistakes on the song titles. Can't they hire a fan to go over the track listing to make sure it is correct?

On the other hand, the record captures some early and interesting Cure. If you are a big fan, you should have this.

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