Friday, May 15, 2015

The Cure: Greatest Hits (2001)

Greatest Hits was released in 2001 on CD in a single or double CD configuration, with disc two being Acoustic Hits. In 2017, a remastered version was released on picture discs for Record Store Day, and then shortly after that on black 180 gram vinyl. I didn't buy the RSD picture disc for three reasons:

1) I have never been to a record store on Record Store Day;
2) I am not a huge fan of picture discs (though I have a few in my collection);
3) I have found some RSD releases after the fact, but this one was gone early, by all accounts (and I would have waited for the black vinyl anyway).

This collection is a very good overview of The Cure. It excludes some of the earlier, darker Cure material to make room for the later stuff, but it does a reasonable job at collecting the band's music. 

Buying new vinyl can be a challenge, mostly because of limited supply and crazy prices. Many stores sold out of this re-release immediately. I looked around before I bought it, passing on the first one I saw at $44.99 (which was the same price as I then left behind the copy I saw for $39.99, and finally decided I couldn't do better than the $34.99 that I eventually paid.

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