Thursday, October 15, 2015

Brian Eno: Another Green World (1975)

I am a big fan of Brian Eno and I think I have everything he ever released on Compact Disc. Sadly, I have very few Eno records, mostly because I became interested in his music near the end of the vinyl era, and I am reluctant to re-purchase his releases on vinyl, partly because Eno vinyl tends to be very expensive. This record, Another Green World, for example, regularly sells for more than $25 and I have seen minty copies for $50 and more.

Of course, I knew a bit about his music before I became fully engaged with it. I heard some of his ambient records in University, but it was his collaborations with Robert Fripp that caught my attention. To me, Here Com the Warn Jets, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Another Green World, and Before and After Science represent perhaps the strongest four album arc of any artist.

Speaking of Fripp, he appears on this record in a few places.

Another Green World can only be described as a masterpiece.If I ever acquire some more Eno records, I guess I will just add them here.

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