Thursday, October 15, 2015

Brian Eno: Music for Films (1978)

My copy of Music for Films is a 1980 Canadian edition, and so it might be better than the original UK pressing. Eno's notes on the jacket say:

"This Album is identical in content to the first edition released in 1978 but has been rearranged into what I consider a more satisfactory track sequence. It is a compilation of my recorded works from 1975 to 1978. Some of it was made specifically for use as soundtrack material, some of it was made for other reasons but found its way into films; most of it is previously unissued in any form."

Legend has it, however, that none of this music was ever used in any film. I've heard lots of comments about these pressings, and despite the fact that the jacket on mine looks beat up, there is not a single pop or click or any other surface noise on my copy. It plays beautifully.

Guest musicians include Fred Frith, Robert Fripp, John Cale, Phil Collins, and others.

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