Friday, October 16, 2015

Brian Eno: The BBC Sessions (2010)

The nature of bootlegs makes it difficult to find out what version you have, since there is often very little in terms of identification numbers or dates. The original pressing of this record was limited to 100 copies. According to Discogs, there are four coloured vinyl versions and a black edition, which I have. The jacket does appear to be silk screened, so I think I know which one I have. As for the sound quality, it isn't too bad, but it suffers from that general bootleg problem where it sounds like someone put a cassette in a boom box and dropped the boom box in a garbage can, put the lid on, and then recorded the music with a microphone pressed against the outside of the garbage can. It's a bit muffled and/or mangled, and clearly, no one involved in the project knew anything about mastering. I've heard worse bootlegs, but if you are hoping to hear Brian Eno's vision, this is not the record to get it. By the way, the source material was recorded in 1974 at the BBC, though those details are not printed on the jacket.

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