Monday, November 30, 2015

Bryan Ferry: Boys and Girls (1985)

Many people dismiss the final two Roxy Music records as lesser Roxy efforts, but to me, they are fabulous. Boys and Girls carries on the atmosphere of the last two LPs quite well, and I think it works. In our modern hyper-politically-correct era, some people would probably interpret the samba rhythms of Slave to Love as cultural appropriation. It seems that the idea of appreciating other cultures is foreign to the regressive left. Recently, there was an article that argued that we (and it's clear the author meant "white people") should not even eat ethnic food! I am growing tired of the fascism of the left, and I include here its aggressive attempts to suppress free speech when it comes to criticism of religion, but I am straying from the point. I should have put a trigger warning at the top of this post so as to warn potential readers that they might be offended.

This album drifts a bit into the middle of the road, but, on balance it's very good, and it reminds me somewhat of Avalon and Flesh and Blood.

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