Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Bryan Ferry Orchestra: The Great Gatsby Jazz Recordings: A Selection of Yellow Cocktail Music (2013)

The blue vinyl version of this record, which I have, was limited to 1000 individually-numbered copies in a package that includes a 20-page booklet. The record contains music from the film, plus some additional selections. Some tracks are original and others are covers, including some interesting 20s style renderings of modern songs. For example, there's a cool jazz version of Back to Black, which is much better that the ridiculous Beyoncé version used in the film. I should point out that I have not seen the film, though I have read the book. Why bother with this film anyway? After all, the Redford version was really good and we do not need a new version. I felt that same way about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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