Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Father John Misty: Fear Fun (2012)

"I never liked the name Joshua
I got tired of J"

- Everyman Needs a Companion, Father John Misty

Father John Misty, otherwise known as Joshua Michael Tillman or J. Tillman, was the drummer for Fleet Foxes until 2012. He has also had a fairly successful solo career, starting in 2003, but this is his first record under his new moniker.

I think this is a really fine record with a bunch of great songs. I like them all, with one exception: Well, You Can Do It Without Me. The track starts off well enough and I like parts of it, but the distorted screaming really is off putting. It's grating and I just can't understand why it was recorded this way. Maybe it was a mistake? It destroys what would have been a good song. I don't often use the word hate, but I hate it.

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