Monday, November 16, 2015

The Fabulous Poodles: Mirror Stars (1978)

The first time I heard this band was the Think Pink record, and I couldn't discern if it was a joke or not. At the time, I had no idea if there were any other records by the band. Somewhat surprisingly, it was difficult to know what other records bands had released. If you were lucky, you might get to look at that massive book some records stores had that listed the records. Of course, it excluded bootlegs and I think some imports. Usually, you just had to keep flipping through the record bins to see if you could find anything new. It was thrill to see something you hadn't seen before. This explains why so many people would travel to different and distant record stores, in the hopes of finding something they knew existed or something they had never seen before.

So, The Fabulous Poodles came on my radar in 1979, the year after Mirror Stars was released. I had no idea, until a couple of days ago, that this record was produced by John Entwistle.This record is OK, but I prefer the follow-up.

I recently dropped my phone, so all of my photos on my phone like this album cover.

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