Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Flash And The Pan: Early Morning Wake Up Call (1984)

It's confession time. I have never listened to this record. I picked it up ages ago, after I adopted CDs and sold my turntable and some records. I filed it away and forgot about it. I should open it and listen to it, but it is sealed. It's not valuable, but it is sealed. I should really listen to it. In the meantime, I headed over to Youtube and discovered that all of the record has been uploaded, so I listened to some tunes there, which is clearly not the same thing as listening to the record. I had to deal with compression and digital sound issues, but at last I got a sense of what it sounded like.

From what I listened to, I would say that this record is not as good as the earlier stuff. Why is that so often the case? It's not terrible, but I would say that this record is optional. Of course, I should really listen to it on a real stereo system before making such sweeping statements.

I like the album cover.

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