Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fly Pan Am: Sédatifs En Fréquences Et Sillons (2000)

Evidently, Sédatifs En Fréquences Et Sillons translates to sedative in frequencies and furrows. This EP contains three tracks, as follows:
  1. "De cercle en cercle, ressasser et se perdre dans l'illusion née de la production de distractions et multiplier la statique environnante!" ("From Circle to Circle, Rehash and Get Lost in the Illusion Born of Production and Increase the Static Distractions Surrounding!") – 14:34
  2. "Éfférant/Afférant" ("Unrelated / Related") – 11:02
  3. "Micro Sillons" ("LPs") – 3:59

I'm a big fan of Fly Pan Am, so I love this record.

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