Thursday, January 28, 2016

FM: Black Noise (1977)

FM is a Canadian prog rock band, partly notable for including Nash the Slash (until 1977, though he returned a couple of times). The first real concert I ever saw was Prism, another Canadian band. There were two acts supporting the band: The Pumps and FM. I remember the concert very well and I remember smelling marijuana, something I don't think I had ever smelled before then. My cousin even smuggled some home-grown Mary Jane into the venue in his sock, which he, and his friend, enjoyed. I passed on the offer, which was probably a good idea, because both reported that the ganja had no effect whatsoever.

The first record, Black Noise, contains probably the best-known FM track, Phasors on Stun. That's a Start Trek reference for the non-geeks. Phasors on Stun is a fabulous song. Bizarrely, this record was not released immediately. The label hung onto it and released it after the second album, known as Direct to Disc or Head Room. But, I think most people consider this to be the first record from the band. This record is clearly the best thing the band ever did.

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