Thursday, February 25, 2016

Robert Fripp: Exposure (1979)

Robert Fripp is the guitarist for one of my favourite bands, King Crimson, though I think I should point out that it is really the post-1980 King Crimson that I like best. I don't mind some of the earlier stuff (parts of the debut--parts of Red, and some other pieces--but it's the era that commenced with Adrian Belew that I like better).

Fripp's solo work has been varied and I have enjoyed some pieces more than others. I regard this as his first true solo record, because the previous two records were collaborations with Brian Eno. Most fans will know that Fripp intended Exposure to be part of a trilogy, the other two records being Peter Gabriel's first record and Daryl Hall's Sacred Songs. There's lots of information on the web about how this all turned out. If you want to spend some time investigating, go ahead.

In any case, there are a number of styles on this record, ranging from tracks that sound like Crimson to some moody experimental stuff, including some Frippertronics. The record has vocals from Peter Hammil, Daryl Hall, Terre Roche, etc. Peter Gabriel provides some backing vocals. Musicians include Brian Eno, Jerry Morotta, Tony Levin, Barry Andrews, etc.

It's a curious record but it took me some time before I was convinced that I liked it. I have this on CD as well.

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