Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (aka Peter Gabriel 2 or Scratch) (1978)

For the second Peter Gabriel record, Robert Fripp (guitarist of the legendary King Crimson) moved up from his role on the first record, where he played electric guitar, classical guitar, and banjo, to take on the role of producer. Robert Fripp fans will, of course, recognize the track Exposure from Fripp's album of the same name. It features the same Frippertronics that Fripp himself would use, though the words were sung by Daryl Hall on Fripp's version.

This is a record that I never really got into at the time. I felt it to be a big disappointment, once you got past the awesome one-two punch of the opening two tracks. But, I think that the years have been kind to this record, and even the weak spots sound better now.

I'd say that this record is uneven, and not as good as the first record or those that followed, but for Peter Gabriel fans, it's a must-have.

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