Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (aka Peter Gabriel 3 or Melt) (1980)

Adolf builds a bonfire...

Perhaps this should now say "Donald Drumpf builds a bonfire."

Sometimes, I think this record is Peter Gabriel's finest work, certainly one of his best three LPs. It contains one of Gabriel's best known songs, Games Without Frontiers. Wikipedia says: "The song's lyrics are interpreted as a commentary on war and international diplomacy being like children's games." I'm tempted to paste in the whole Allmusic commentary on the song, which is longer and more interesting, but why don't you just read it yourself?

Kate Bush contributes vocals on this track. And, by the way, the refrain is "Jeux sans frontieres" not "she's so popular."

The record begins with the sinister Intruder, a song that has a palpable sense of tension. There are lots of great songs, but perhaps the track that proved to be the most enduring is Biko. I think it's fair to say that without that song, far fewer people would have heard about Stephen Biko. I had never heard of him until I bought this record.

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