Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Goddo: Pretty Bad Boys (1981)

Pretty Bad Boys contained a genuine big hit, the singular of the LP name: Pretty Bad Boy. I think it was a big hit, or maybe it was just locally popular. Who knows?  

Hey you good lookin' 
In the very front row
You're the kind of sweet thing
That I'd like to know
Maybe we could make eyes
After the show
Your can have it fast
You can have it slow
I guess you've figured out
What's on my Mind
After the gig
We could have a real good time
You show me yours
I'll show you mine
Bring a willing girlfriend
She can be next in line 
I'm just a pretty bad boy
I'm just a pretty bad boy
Pretty bad boys need pretty bad
pretty girls too
Ya' know what
We could go to my place if you're so inclined
Got rugs , beds, showers, lubricants
And things that bind

I ain't no Mike Mandel 
But I can read your mind
Just your eyes are screamin'

Although I have never seen Goodo live in concert, I have seen Mike Mandel perform. As I mentioned earlier, I always thought that this was the end of the line for Goddo, but the band released a CD in 1992, In 2001, they released an anniversary edition of the live record. A CD of new material was released in 2003. There was a compilation in 2008 and a new live record in 2013. I haven't heard any of that stuff.

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