Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lol Creme & Kevin Godley (AKA Godley & Creme]: L (1978)

Godley & Creme's 3rd record, after leaving 10cc, is entitled L. I often wonder what inspires a band or singer to choose a title like that. In the internet age, it is difficult to search. Also, consider the anaemic New Zealand band called No. That is simply a dumb name. In any case, Mark Allan at Allmusic said this, and it hard to completely disagree with:

"Together, these two multi-instrumentalist studio freaks were the British Frank Zappa. Overwhelmed by their own cleverness, they often wasted brilliant production and gorgeous vocal harmonies on trite material. The title of this album and a song called "Sandwiches of You" offer a hint of the problem. It's impossible to feel any emotional attachment to the material because of a sense that everything these guys do is tongue in cheek. This is a thoroughly forgettable outing by two chaps capable of much more." [source]

Still, there are some interesting elements in the mix. I also love the minimalist jacket design, even though the title of the record leaves much to be desired.

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The Old Groaner said...

'L' was actually their SECOND album after they left 10cc.
The title and album cover is a British car 'learner driver' sign. G & C chose it because they had to start again, following the critical and commercial disaster of their triple-album 'Consequences'.
38 years on, 'L' still sounds amazing, fresh, vital, inspired, sharp. To me, anyway.