Monday, October 10, 2016

Billy Idol: Billy Idol (1982)

You can easily find versions of this record with different covers and with different track listings. The record company swapped covers, exchanging the image of Billy in a Hawaiian-looking shirt (tied around the mid rift) for an image of him wearing a leather-looking vest that had the added bonus of exposing a tattoo. I get why they did this. The leather makes Billy look a bit more masculine and expresses a more punk attitude.

On some copies, Congo Man was dropped for Dancing With Myself. I guess it made sense to add the most famous Gen X track to the record. I have the original cover with the track Congo Man. This LP is also notable for containing White Wedding (Part 1) and Hot in the City. This is a pretty good record, though I still do not believe that it can be labelled as punk. It's pop, but it's a pretty good pop record, even though there's not much of interest beyond the three tracks just mentioned, though Come On, Come On is not bad.

I have to argue that Billy probably enjoyed more fame than perhaps he would have, like many other artists, because of the advent of music television (MTV, and the rest). That's not meant to detract from his success. The smart recording artists invested in video and it paid off for them.

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