Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Billy Idol: Rebel Yell (1983)

This record was a huge one for Billy. I didn't own a copy at the time, mostly because everyone else did, or so it seemed. His videos were all over TV, and several tracks from this record could be heard almost everywhere. One day, I acquired a really beat up copy of this record for next to nothing, and later, found an equally cheap copy in fabulous condition.

A curious thing about this record is that side one and two are labelled as sides three and four. Billy continued this numbering system after this record with sides five and six on Whiplash Smile.

I'm not a huge fan of this record, but I think that the songs were well put together and it works as a pop/synth record. It's not punk by any means. In fact, it seemed that Billy wanted to capitalize on the new wave sound, but it missed the mark a bit in that respect.

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