Thursday, October 27, 2016

The J. Geils Band: Freeze-Frame (1981)

Years go by I'm lookin' through a girly magazine
And there's my homeroom angel on the pages in-between

- Centerfold, The J. Geils Band

My dad once told me that a former co-worker of his went to school with a woman who later appeared in a Playboy spread. I'm not sure if she was the centrefold and she wasn't his girlfriend. Even then, that's more or less the story of the tune, Centerfold. That must have been a fascinating experience nonetheless.

This is a record I should not own, but I somehow inherited it, along with a second copy that I disposed of. I think my sister had a copy of this as well as Love Stinks. Oddly, this band was formerly a bar blues band (I used to own an early J, Geils blues record) that somehow morphed into a new wave act.

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