Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Japan: All Tomorrows Parties (1983)

All Tomorrows Parties originally appeared on Quiet Life in 1979. The discogs entry for this 12" single has a good description of this release:
"The original of 'All Tomorrows Parties' was recorded in June 1979; the mix featured here was made in 1981 by Steve Nye but not released until 1983 (hence it is known as the "1983 Remix" and the copyright dates are 1981). The other two tracks, 'Deviation' & 'Obscure Alternatives' are taken from the 'Live In Japan' EP which was released in July 1980.

There were 4 different 12" Vinyls [sic] released, all crediting the wrong Producer. This entry is release # 3 which uses the standard Hansa Label & lists Giorgio Moroder as producer, however this is incorrect.

All releases are credited incorrectly as it was Simon Napier-Bell and Japan who produced All Tomorrows Parties. [source]
I like this track immensely, but I find it can't really compete with the Velvet Underground.

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