Friday, March 31, 2017

Joy Division: Atmosphere (1980)

On March 18, 1980, Atmosphere was released in the UK on a 12" single. I am happy to have a mint copy of that pressing. I have seen some insane prices for this record around town. The flipside is She's Lost Control, which is one of my favourite JD tracks. Again, from Wikipedia:
Ned Raggett of AllMusic wrote, "'Atmosphere' is another one of those prime Joy Division songs, like 'Transmission' or 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', where Martin Hannett's production becomes so essential to the end result that it couldn't have been heard otherwise", noting that, in regards to Ian Curtis's mental state and subsequent death, "there's a feeling of a requiem here, an awesome musical farewell."

 Joy Division bassist Peter Hook has said he regards the song as the band's greatest.[source]
I was delighted to hear this tune used in Stranger Things. Atmosphere is perhaps the only track by Joy Division that I would describe as beautiful, perhaps hauntingly beautiful.I have to say that I like the video that was made for it years later, and I also really like the jacket image.

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