Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Kiss: Double Platinum (1978)

This is a difficult album jacket to photograph, unless what you are really after is a selfie (G-d, I hate that word) or other crazy reflections.

I was done with Kiss very soon after I got my copy of The Originals. There was so much other music to explore. But, sometimes, the message takes a long time to make its way to family and friends, and so, one year, I got a copy of Double Platinum for Christmas from some relatives. I think I managed to hide my dismay.

This record collects the biggest Kiss hits, like Calling Dr. Love, Love Gun, Firehouse, Detroit Rock City, God of Thunder, Hard Luck Woman, and that god awful song, Beth. Sorry, Kiss fans, but I have always hated Beth. It's insipid and truly awful garbage. The horrible orchestration makes me laugh.

I have virtually no knowledge of Kiss after this period. I am aware that there have been many lineup changes and that they were unmasked at some point. I am familiar with Lick it Up because of the music video. That, by the way, is a fantastically ridiculous song and the video is terrible.

I have heard people argue that Kiss were better than the Beatles. That is delusional thinking. Only someone completely ignorant of music could make such an argument.

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