Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Kissing the Pink: Naked (1983)

I remember when this band was more or less forced to change its name from Kissing the Pink to KTP because some people were offended by the sexual innuendo. What a bunch of crybabies. I am not in favour or rampant profanity of profanity for no good reason, but Kissing the Pink is obscure enough not to offend the vulnerable or the easily offended. After all, you have to do a little thinking to connect the dots, but not as much as you need to do to figure out what Steely Dan's name is all about. Nowadays, we have much more explicit names for bands, like Scissor Sisters, Anal Cunt, Fucked Up, Butthole Surfers, Holy Fuck, among many others. Kissing the Pink seems genuinely wholesome and completely inoffensive compared to some others more contemporary bands.

Naked is the first Kissing the Pink LP. I like it.

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