Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Check out this freaky email message I received in two different email accounts:

From DIGO GROUPS izubeidat@psi.uned.es
Sent Monday, October 12, 2009 12:30 pm

with respect to you i signed a contrate deal to accasinate you, but my feeling's wont allow me to do that because of your personality. please reaply me now.for forther information.I expect you to reaply withen 3 days of reciveing this message.

I have grown accustomed to all manner of spam that insults my intelligence, like that from Nigerian Princesses, who think that they need my help to cash a cheque. It's ludicrous. But, threatening someone with assassination (or, accasinatation) is going too far, if you ask me.

But, what really irritates me is illiteracy. I know that spammers routinely misspell words to get past spam blockers. So, if it were up to me, I would construct an email filter that blocks any messages with more that a few spelling errors or grievous errors in syntax.

Maybe someone could do that for me. Please!


Shelly said...

LOL. That's the oddest spam ever. And yes, we need a grammar/spelling filter. Now.

herpcrazie said...

I got that same message and googled the email it came from and yours was the only hit. Darn irritating email and I agree on the misspelling filter!

angela said...

that's crazy. the only spam i get lately is for satellite dish promos, acai trials, and dating christian singles.

Anonymous said...

Got the same e-mail yesterday-10/12/09, too insane!

The Subversive Librarian said...

Very creepy! what could they possibly hope to get out of that?

Anonymous said...

Received this email also as well as follow up message which was also threatening. Reported it to police. Sender may be identified in Spain but he has not communicated demands. It may also be a hijacked account or attempt to discredit a professional academic. Possible links to Islamic causes warning in second message coincided to Pakistan attacks. Report this message to police if you receive it.

Liz said...

I would construct an email filter that blocks any messages with more that a few spelling errors or grievous errors in syntax

That could also have the advantage of blocking email from some annoying people! Most college professors would probably find that their students could no longer contact them via email. :-)

zydeco fish said...

Liz - Sad, but so true.