Thursday, September 10, 2015

Steve Earle: Guitar Town (1986)

Egads, a country record! Apart from Johnny Cash, I am not really a fan of country music. I heard it way too often growing up, along with fiddle music. This is one of the most countryish records I own, yet it has a bit of an edge to it, which might explain its presence in my collection. Some people refer to Earle as country-rock, which might be true, especially in later years. Some of the lyrics, like in the song Someday, resonate with me:

"There ain't a lot that you can do in this town."

That's precisely how I felt about my hometown. There was no movie theatre, no late night restaurants, very few people with ethnic backgrounds, and no culture. The entire town was backwards, conservative, in-bred, and probably racist. Predictably, though, the town had a Chinese restaurant, but I didn't know that the food was terrible until I had real Chinese food.

The only thing to do on weekends was to find a house party, which meant that many people were regularly drinking and driving. Leaving home to go to University was a relief and it provided an education in more ways than one.

"Someday I'm finally gonna let go
'Cause I know there's a better way
And I wanna know what's over that rainbow
I'm gonna get out of here someday"

The record contains My Old Friend the Blues, a really great little song. I will admit that the first time I heard that track was when it was covered by The Proclaimers, the Scottish twins who were prepared to walk for 500 miles. 

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