Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Japan: Adolescent Sex (1978)

I suspect that if this record were released today, there would be cries of cultural appropriation because of the name of the band and because of the image of what appears to be a rising sun. We have become a narrow-minded species.

This LP was released in Canada on vinyl and 8 Track. I still cannot fathom why anyone allowed that format. It is probably the worst format even imagined for music. Even downloading highly compressed MP3s is a better idea. I happen to have a UK pressing, though it's a re-release from 1984, which is probably when I really started paying attention to the band, though I had probably heard tracks before then, I think.

This debut is really fabulous. No adolescent boy could ever have failed to appreciate Adolescent Sex, both the act and the song. To me, this is a five star record, with solid tracks all the way through. It's punkish, but probably not punk. Call it new romantic, post punk, new wave, alternative, art rock, glam, synth pop, or whatever you want. It's awesome. It's also far different from later Japan releases, when the band mellowed out a bit.

But, here is something weird. Try search for the title track -- Adolescent Sex -- on youtube, and you will find nothing. Leave out the word sex, and you will. How dumb is that? So, here is Adolescent S*x

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