Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Japan: Obscure Alternatives (1978)

There is a slight change in sound with this record, but I am a big fan -- especially of David's voice -- so I really don't mind. I like everything the band did, as well as all of Sylvian's solo and collaborative efforts, especially those with Robert Fripp. I'd say that the band became far more interesting as time progressed.

I think that the reviews of this record were mixed -- as they often are -- or just plain negative, but I think this is a really good record, though there are some uninspired moments, perhaps. There's even some reggae on this LP, which is kind of odd.

The Canadian pressing has a different track order to the original UK pressing. But, what else is new in the world of schizophrenic record companies? The top tracks for me is probably Rhodesia.

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