Thursday, December 08, 2016

Japan: Quiet Life


This is a fabulous record. My favourite track from Quiet Life is the titular track. The band does a cover of the Velvet Underground's All Tomorrow's Parties, which is interesting, but I prefer the original. There is a major change in sound, mostly in David's vocals. Allmusic says this:
Quiet Life is the album that transformed Japan from past-tense glam rockers into futuristic synth popsters, though they'd been leaning in that direction for a while. It's also a solid proto-New Romantic synthesizer record, enhanced by Mick Karn's superb fretless bass work and David Sylvian's smooth, sneering vocals spread over pop hits like the title track and "Fall in Love with Me." [source]
I recently learned a couple of things about this record. First, I hadn't realized that this LP was released in Canada before the UK. It came out here in December of '79, but in January '80 across the pond. That is odd. I also didn't know that this record was included in the book 1001 Records You Must Hear Before you Die. I wonder what else is on that list.

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